Healthcare Software Management Solution

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Healthcare and Medical Software Management Solution

by Dharma Healthcare

La soluzione software definitiva adatta ad ogni realtà che gestisce pazienti
Un solo programma per tutte le funzioni

Doctors, Receptionists, Laboratory, Administrators and all other users, supported by one flexible and easy to use management software.

Includes modules for Appointments, Billing, ReportingLIS/LIMS,EMR, RIS/PACS and 3rd part integrations.

Health.NET is a desktop software solution based on SQL Server Database and running on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 workstations
Web modules and services are written in Java, Ajax and HTML5


Health.NET is suitable for medical and healthcare environments of any size


Medical Practice

Health.NET Core
Ideal for specialized doctors, practitioners and medical groups.
CORE version gives you a patient archive and medical record, history and billing management, professional reports, visits and prescriptions management.
  • Patient unique archive
  • Manage appointments
  • Track episodes and visits
  • Billing features, prescriptions, e-documents
  • Medical reports
  • GDPR Privacy compliance

Clinics & Centres

Add more features
Share and Protect medical data and Administration with a single software solution.
Health.NET Ultimate extends CORE features by adding advanced modules and providing a responsive service for Patients, Employees and Administration.
  • Patient unique archive
  • Manage appointments, episodes and visits
  • Billing features, prescriptions, e-documents
  • Advanced and assisted Medical reporting
  • Imaging (RIS/PACS and Analogic)
  • Statistics and Custom Data Queries
  • Web services and Integrations


LIS / LIMS Module
Health.NET has a powerful module for Laboratories.
Complete, easy to setup and maintain, assists users in ALL the required task of a laboratory workflow from sample's registration to result's management and control, to high customized medical reporting.

CORE features plus:

  • Full sample and users tracking and management
  • Barcode labeling
  • Manage any results’ type
  • Instruments automation (interfaces)
  • Results management and validation
  • Reporting, Charting and Web publishing

NGO & Nonprofit

Accessible for all
We have experience in delivering our healthcare software as part of special NGO programs for developing countries. We provide training and support to local agencies and special pricing plans
  • High customization
  • Infrastructure support
  • Dedicated Training
  • Experience in NGO field
  • Custom pricing plans

Manager & Admin

Get control
BI and administrative management module allows deep control of processes, expenses and productivity, extensive custom data export, integrations and an accurate doctor's fee management

Health.NET core features plus:

  • Advanced Business Intelligence
  • Employees and Doctors management
  • Productivity controls
  • Create any kind of report and statement
  •  SQL Analysis and Reporting Services

Hospitals and Enterprise

Hospitals & Enterprise
Integrating all the modules in a single solution Health.NET is suitable for wider working environments. Supports multi locations and multi companies management

CORE features plus:

  • Extensive Integration capabilities
  • HL7 or custom Import/Export
  • Ward management
  • Geographic dislocation
  • Multi Company and Multi Location
  • I/O Web services

All modules from different versions can be combined to create custom setups certainly matching your real needs

Health.NET is suitable as a full management solution, healthcare software workflows’ management, electronic medical record, stand alone or in network systems.
Furthermore is used by doctors as a medical practice management software, from smaller to wider work environment or as a LIS/LIMS for any kind of laboratory

Meidcal Centers, Laboratories, X-Ray and Ultrasound Studios, Specialized Doctors, Fisiotherapists, Estetic Centers, Psychologists.
Any specialist who manage Patients’ medical data as well as back office administration, can find the right configuration to manage the work in private practice and wider medical environment as Clinics, Hospitals and healthcare networks

Choosing Dharma

Our healthcare company is specialized in developing and delivering medical software solutions worldwide for public and private healthcare and medical organizations of any size. Using last remote support technologies, we are able to serve and personally follow customers from everywhere.

Exclusive Features
Tons of modules for every task. sold independently. Buy what you need.
Personal Assistant
ULTIMATE customers refer to a personal specialist who gives support at every stage
Fexible Solutions
Products and Services are suitable for any size healthcare organization
Latest Tecnologies
Products and Services are provided using the most updated technologies
Professional support
We provide 24/7 help desk support and extensive online resources
Affordable Prices
Check out our competitive prices! Custom solutions for any size environment.
Fast Setup
Easy setup, assisted and autonomous configuration. Ready to go in a while!
Worldwide customers
Years of work all over the world with any kind and size healthcare organization
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Why choose our medical software

Dharma Healthcare is a global company based in Europe.
Our specialists are entirely into healthcare software development and deploying, serving customers all over the world thanks to an accurate custom support program.


More than twenty years in the healthcare software development


Constantly updated to maintain the newest standards and compatibility


Pay for what you really need

monthly fees or Buy lifetime license


Remote and onsite full support by a personal assistant

Dharma Healthcare

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