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Hospitals and Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise environments require an high level of customization in order to deal with complex tasks and fine tuning with different areas, possibly integrating in a single solution.


Health.NET modular and integrated software is suitable for complex and wider healthcare environments

Wider healthcare environments, Hospitals, Clinics’ networks, multi located centres and any other size corporate entity.

In this complex scenario the keywords for a management software are: flexibility; integration features; scalability; easy to use and easy to maintain; multi company and multi location.


Make complexity simple for hospitals, big clinics and networks:

  • All-in-one solution
  • Separation for different work areas
  • Advanced Online and Web services
  • Unlimited parallel workflows management
  • Possible cloud-hosted common database server
  • High Customization and flexibility
  • LIMS, EMR, RIS/PACS, Imaging
  • HL7 integration

… and much more. Health.NET is the perfect solution

How we can help you

Health.NET for enterprise and hospital provide any module needed in a complex healthcare environment plus a reliable support:

  • Onsite and Remote support at every stage
    Accurate training for common and key users
  • Almost every area served:
    Patients’, Doctors’, Staff, Accounts, Inventory, Administration, Web Services
  • Desk and Online customer services 
  • Full customization capabilities
  • Self-Support training programs

Ask our customer service for more details


Setting up a management software for wide healthcare environments such as hospitals and networks is a big challenge. It involves plenty of users and doctors, often requires workflow’s review, training, complex setup, configuration and customization.

That’s why we offer the software plus a real partnership in reaching your goals, continuously cooperating, evolving and seeking for best practice, based on your needs.

Experience, in one word.

Examples & Pricing

In this scenario is impossible to discuss prices without knowing your requirements.

If you’re a specialized clinic or a medium-sized hospital, you can find some examples in the Clinics & Medical Centres dedicated page.

We are available to discuss in details all the over hundreds Health.NET features and related prices, to give you all the information to setup a project and a custom quote. 

Contact our customer service.

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