HEALTH.NET  for Laboratories

Manage any samples and all associated data

Health .NET LIMS module is an advanced Laboratory Management System. Allows you to track, support and automate workflows, integrate instruments, reduce errors, deliver professional results reports plus a rich set of useful add-ons.


Health.NET LIMS setup is suitable for any kind of laboratory.

Based on standard biochemistry standard workflow, it can be easily customized and extended to manage any kind of sample in any environment.

Private Laboratories or integrated ones in centres, clinics or hospitals, can use all the Health.NET CORE‘s features or just the LIS module as a powerful Laboratory Information System.


Used as a LIMS allows administration and financial management as the Health.NET CORE version, while the LIS version is suitable as a stand alone module easily integrated with 3rd parts’ management  software where needed.

Some benefits in using our Laboratory Software:

  • Full sample’s and patient management
  • Rich set of worksheets’ reports and results’ reports
  • All possible results’ types: text, numbers, pdf, images, graph, …
  • Split your work in managed areas and sectors
  • Users’ and samples’ tracking
  • Validation tools, Data controls, Reagent Inventory, Instruments automation

… and much more

How we can help you

Health.NET system for Labs extends standard CORE features by:

  • Allowing any results management (Text, Numbers, Attachments, Streaming)
  • Delivering efficient worksheets and worklists
  • Customizing result’s reports for any test/workarea
  • Integrating with hundreds of instruments by RS232, TCP/IP or HL7 standards
  • Reducing time and errors and giving much control on sample’s cycle

Plenty add-ons facilitates all common tasks


Laboratories have the core need to speed up the work maintaining the highest control on result’s reliability.
Users are provided with clear daily worksheets, work lists, control, validation and 
data compare tools. The reporting process is fully customizable as well as the reports themselves, hosting text, numbers, file attachments and streaming result types. 

The LIMS module can be used in any kind of laboratory, despite of samples’ or workflows’ differences.

Examples & Pricing

Adding LIMS module to the standard Health.NET setup has a minor impact on overall solution price.
The different prices mainly depends on instruments interfaces, number of users and add-ons.

Following prices are just few examples of possible setup, based on monthly fee. Buy license programs available.

Contact our Customer Service to get more info, request a custom quote and ask for licensing pricing plans.

Solo Lab
No more than a LIMS
  • Benefit Health.NET core features plus:
  • Up to 5 users
  • Full LIMS module
  • 1 instrument automation interface
  • Data Import/Export
  • Help Desk support
Managed Lab
LIMS + Administration
  • Health.NET core features plus:
  • Up to 10 users
  • Full LIMS module
  • 1 instrument automation interfaces
  • Advanced administration and reporting
  • 1 structured data export
  • Supported by a personal assistant
Unlimited Features
  • Health.NET core features plus:
  • Up to 10 users
  • Full LIMS module (*)
  • 2 instruments automation interfaces
  • Advanced administration and reporting
  • Supported by a personal assistant
  • (*) include: attachments results, digital sign, web reporting

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