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Services for NGO & Non Profit

Dharma Helthcare provides specific services for NGO, Non Profit Organizations and International Cooperation Projects to setup healthcare software environments and infrastructures in developing countries.


Health.NET is a flexible solution to suite heavy custom requirements needed in NGO and Cooperation projects

We are available to partner all those NGO and no profit organizations and groups who are involved in international cooperation projects for healthcare in developing countries. Agencies, Local contractors, Reselling Companies, are welcome to ask for a custom project.

Our dedicated team of experts in Bruxelles is available to respond to any question.


We have a strong experience in dealing with all the aspects involved in complex international cooperation environment.

More than just provide the software, we have:

  • proved experience in NGO & Cooperation
  • skills
  • competence
  • high customizable solutions
  • different economies aware Pricing Plans

in setup IT infrastructure and software to increase the quality of healthcare services in developing countries interacting with local contractors and partners.

How we can help you

  • Basic or Advanced development programs
    set up essential infrastructure for healthcare centres and hospitals, deliver patient management software and training for local support
  • Program for Laboratories
    A program especially focused on laboratory management and increasing the quality of the overall lab services LIMS module and support
  • Sustainable Projects
    Affordable pricing plans according to local economy
    Hardware supply
    Special licensing and support plans

Ask for details and setup a project


Agencies involved in developing and deploying projects to create basic infrastructures or bring efficient improvements in existing IT healthcare environments may face a lack of support and experience by their partners.

They probably suffer a lack of reliable experts able to follow the different development stages.

That’s why we offer software, experience and support.

Examples & Pricing

We offer special custom Pricing Plans for customers involved in deploying projects for developing countries.

We are aware of the different economies around the world and make our best to allow sustainable access to high technology products in low economic environment.

Contact us to discuss your project.

Dharma Healthcare

Our Features

  • Into Healthcare for years
  • Reliable full Support
  • Technologies
  • Pricing
  • All in one Solution
  • Worldwide partnerships

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