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Make Everything Possible

Hospital Information System • Electronic Medical Records • Trends • Surgery Support
and much More!

A new wave is Here

Changes in clinical information services
and quality of patient care

Dharma HC operates with reliable partners to offer a top level IT service for healthcare corporates, clinics and hospitals
Standing from Health.NET as core software for essential tasks, we cover other needs by custom adds-on and dedicated modules, to fully cover all the tasks of a corporate environment

We focus on Patient Centric care, Online Services and new challenges for care providers

Main Features

Standard corporate solutions include the following features. More features are also available for those environments that require much complex tasks or special customizations

Patient Centric

Registry, Hospitalization, units, departments and wards. Consultations Scheduling, Billing Features, Mobile Care, EMR - Electronic Medical Record

Internal Tasks

Full Doctors Management, Exams, Consultations, Tests and Visits. Reporting Services, Messaging System


Financial Management, Customers and Suppliers Billing, Business Intelligence, Data Center, Statistics and extensive Reporting

Imaging and LIMS

Full results management with Laboratory LIMS module and RIS/PACS solutions, DICOM communication, Image Server, Data Export, Web Publishing and Sharing

Clinical Tasks

Full Visits and Consultations Management, Advanced Medical Reporting System, Laboratory Management, Surgery Workflows Support


Please contact the Customer Service to present your needs and have a custom solution including more advanced and complex features