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Together We Can Make a Difference

We provide specific services for NGO, No Profit Organizations and International Cooperation Projects
to setup healthcare software environments and infrastructures


Unite for the Future

We provide special programs and solutions for NGO and International Cooperation organizations involved in healthcare developement projects.
We have skills, competence and experience in setup IT infrastructure and software to increase the quality of healthcare services in foreign countries and developing countries, as well as interact with contractors and local partners.

This also means high customizable solutions and pricing plans according to the situation.

Programs and Skills

  • Basic Informatization

    Set up essential infrastructure for healthcare centres and hospitals, provide basic patient management software and training for local support

  • Laboratory Programs

    A program especially focused on laboratory management and increasing the quality of the overall lab services
    LIMS module and support

  • Wider integrative solutions

    Strong efficency improvements to existing IT healthcare environments
    Headmost solutions, software integrations and geographical connections

  • Sustainable Projects

    Affordable pricing plans according to local economy
    Hardware supply
    Special licensing and support plans

Rise up quality of healthcare

Develop projects and deliver solutions

Delivering healthcare software solutions suitable for developing countries economies and fitting special requisites is part of our mission and work.

We are available to partnership all those organizations and groups who are involved in international cooperation projects for healthcare. Our dedicated team of experts in Bruxelles is available to respond to any question

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Our Experts

We have experts working worldwide in informatization projects for developing countries. Our team in Bruxelles is in charge to deliver these projects.
Contact the team to get further information

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We are open to work with new experts in our programs for developing countries.

Contact our team and find out how to apply.

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