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Through these pages you can access the online support service dedicated to every actual and future Dharma Health Care customer. Customers and free registered users can access all the resources on this website.
A special attention is on Health.NET users and people interested in.
They can get all the needed info and support, including sales quotes for our products and services.

What can I do here?

You can ask for online support and assistance or get more technical information on Health.NET. Open an Help Desk topic to have all the information you need or require a quick expert support, search in the knowledge base section to get basic info on software features and tasks, get detailed information and quotes. You will also find a blog and forum sections to interact with Dharma Health Care community and exchange indipendent opinions with other users and customers.

Use the main menu to get access to all resources of this site. Some features require user registration, that is and will always be free and is not a commitment to become customers.
Guests can use the "get help" feature at the right bottom of each page of the website to post any request. If an help desk operator is free and online you will have an immediate response. Otherwise your request will be taken in charge and answered as soon as possible.

Why register?

Registered users, customers or not, can access all the resources on this site. As registered user you can get special offers, latest news, and partecipate to the community (forum,blog and Q&A) to interact with other users in order to get feedback, opinions, information and support . Register now

Help Desk support

Use the help desk ticketing system to get information, learn how to use a feature, report a bug or submit other administrative/billing questions. Open a ticket and get a quick contact from one of our specialist giving you all the support and the information you need. We kindly request you to fully and clearly explain your issue, so that the best specialist in charge of that problem will manage your request.

The help desk service is available for registered users or guests. Just click on "Click here to get help" at the right buttom of the page.

Forum and Blog

The forum is a big resource to get advices, share opinions, and get information directly by other users. Is a way for us to maintain a clear and indipendent point of view on our products and services, to get super partes opinions, and contact people that is already using our products.
You can also find a "wishlist" section to submit your request to our developer team asking for new or better features.

The blog is managed by our specialists and developers to give you useful papers and news. You'll find there some tutorials about the main topics in the use of our software.

Questions (and answers)

The q&a section allows registered users to post questions and get answers from our team or other users. All users, including guests, may find previously posted questions and answers to common issues and get help for common issues.


Use our quotation tools to build your custom configuration and get the price, or subscribe for the "Try for Buy" option.